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Extreme Coupon-ing

My newest latest and greatest obsession will be Extreme Coupon-ing for the month of April. I will keep track of how it helps or hurts my weekly and monthly budget and its overall time effectiveness. I do fear that extreme couponing will lead to spending money on items I do not need or use.

Objective: Save money on the everyday items

I had this idea in my head about 2 months ago but I said it in away that I thought “it would take a particular phase in my life to do all the work that goes into extreme couponing”. Now I’m out to prove myself wrong. Extreme couponing can be for everyday people, young, single, hardworking people can save tons of money too.

So how will I do such a thing? I started talking to some people who currently do some couponing for the food shelf and everyday items. I now have a list of suggestions of sites, adds, and even a paper to go buy once a month that will help stretch my dollar.

afullcup.com is a site a local Twin Cities woman started. *Step one: sign up

Next I started reading up on some stores couponing policies… you would be surprised at the loop holes you can find. Rainbow does double coupon days were any coupon 1$ off or under is doubled as long as your grocery totally before coupons is $25. They will not double buy one get one free coupons and you can not use bogo coupons that are printed from a home printer at Rainbow.  *Step two: Education on stores and effective way’s to use coupons in my area

Now I feel a bit more educated it’s time to get some manufacture coupons. Does anyone know the big manufacture of our everyday products? We I didn’t until i had a friend who worked for them. It’s Procter & Gamble. PG has its own website and they will mail you coupons and even let you know when they have a big coupon booking coming out in your area (April 3rd). So I signed up here as well and am expecting my coupons for April. Here is the site, they currently don’t have a sample gift basket but when they do, I’ll be getting one!  http://www.pgeverydaysolutions.com/pgeds/pg-brandsaver-samples-coupons.jsp

I love starting the ground work now so April I will hit the ground running on this extreme couponing kick.

Well so far I have 6 hours invested in my extreme couponing mostly ground work and starting this blog. Now I’m off to make the most of this Saturday!



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