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Fashion foe-pa: Leggings are not Pants

Okay I’m hoping that I can get this rant out once and you will never have to read about it on my Blog again. As anyone who has been awake for the last 5 years knows, leggings are a hot style trend. Given the right outfit a fun and modest way of showing off your legs in outfits that are too short to go all skins on. The problem, our generation likes to push the envelope.

Four years ago I asked a friend “would you wear that with out leggings?” If the answer is no than put on an equally as trending pair or skinny jeans. Honestly leggings have come a long way in the 4 years and now have thicker styles, more colors, and better prices but some leggings we can still see right through. Suggestion: test it under different lights you may not even know it but we are seeing too much. And Please, Please! have the “top” cover your butt and go a bit longer in the front.

Fact: Leggings are not pants.

Fact: If you want negative attention you will get it. Men are visual and it may take more than a longer shirt to keep their imaginations away but please do your best to guard them and their minds.

Diversify your wardrobe. Although this is an ongoing fashion trend that still has no signs of fizzling out you should also invest in pants, shorts, skirts, and dress for the season.

Good – cute and sexy- I love leggings with a good dress and there is nothing like a great pair of boots to make you look like a rock star!

Bad- short and trashy- Butt cheeks out and well as you can see not good for her or us looking at her. I do like that tank and it would look great with skinny jeans…


So stay classy out there! And please don’t let me see you in the market in a shirt and leggings like this!  Ish!


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