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April 1st: The Couponing starts

And here it is, the day it all begins April 1st.

Yesterday I printed off a few more coupons in preparation and tomorrow the P&G ads come out. Today I used my 1st coupon I didn’t have in my purse but i printed off-line at Joanne Fabrics. I have a baby shower this afternoon so I’m attempting to make a blanket before 1pm today. Right now the fabric is washing and I’m going to start getting ready but here is the break down.

I got 1 1/2 yards of fabric at 3.99 and 4 yards at 12.99

Now I bought 2 extra yards to use on a future blanket (so still waiting to see if i come a head and make that blanket. So I  guess here starts the waste for now)

I had a 40% OFF one cut used on the 12.99 fabric. So I saved $20.78 as long as I use the extra yards. (good think I know some other people about to have kids.)

6 hours later… the blanket was a big hit! And I used another coupon. I got a Kirklands coupon on-line I bought a big piece of artwork that the glass was broken out of. Main thing here is that I get a big frame 3ft by 4 feet and I could make work in my living room. The frame was still in great condition and I was looking to spend about $100 or so on the Art for the living room.

SO the piece was $199, broken glass and damaged art and it was on sale for $50, than again 50% so it was $25. I had a 20% coupon and boom bang pow… $20 fame. Granted now I have a bit more work since I now get to make the art but I enjoy art! HA! One summers weekend and it will have all the colors that i want for the living-room. WIN WIN… now time to go find a coupon for paint… hummm


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