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Operation: Make up

As a lady we all know how expensive “beauty” products can be. My next goal is easy, get this stuff for free or as close to free as I could. Since I have only been couponing for 3 weeks I don’t have that many make-up coupons but I made due clipping what I could.

The big break in this case for me was a Ulta coupon for “spend $15 get $5 off.” I was sold, there it is… my foot in the door.

There could have been many out comes to this shopping trip but here was my game plan.

Get the eyeliner I use, 2 Nail polish’s, and a nail clipper. Its hard to sit down and think those 3 items add up to $15 but they do. I had $1 off any Almay product, $1 off any Revlon Fast dry nail polish, and $2.50 off any Sally Hanson beauty tool. So with tax after my $5 off at Ulta I had a grand total of $4.99. The eyeliner alone costs $7 and I would have paid that in the past… to that I say NO MORE! Just one more successful trip!


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