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Midweek Giggle- Twins

The day after halloween is a great time to go out and get Candy. Might I suggest the pumpkin Reese cups.
3 reasons they are a great thing to pick up on All Saints Day (Nov 1) or the days after.
1. They have lots of peanut butter
2. They are still a festive shape for Nov.
3. SALE SALE SALE… I got a bag of them for a dollar.
They are individually wrapped for you portioning convenience yet try and tell that to my car that has these wrappers littered all over the front seat. A word to the wise, don’t leave the bag in the front seat if you have more than a 15 min drive or weak will power.

Also it might be time to go stock up on some fun Holiday items for next year. There are some cute decorations, tights, wigs, and prop items out there you could just save up to help with next years last min costumes. And lets not forget about the Vampire t shirts going on sale that you could use in 2 weeks for Twilight movie opening. If your a fan, think about it. Me I just got a 3 pairs of tights for $1.75 each, and have my eye on a costume but am waiting for 75%… Right now most items at 50% off. Happy hunting! Now time for the midweek giggle!

I just can help but smile! Just an idea if you are having twins 😀 A bit nerdy but it makes me smile all the same.


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2 thoughts on “Midweek Giggle- Twins

  1. Carissa on said:

    Loved the twin outfits and I went out and bought two bags of the Reese’s 🙂

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