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Fall Inspiration

I was at church and this was the scene across the street.

I’m sure it looks like I’m in the middle of noman’s land and it’s right here in the city. I ran to my car to find that I was with out my tripod, but I am not letting this moment pass. There was a no parking sign and I stuck a stick in the post and let my camera dangle, dangerous but worth it.

Dress- Target Sweater-Love Culture Hat- HeartBreaker Shoes-Cents of Style Tights-Clearance at target Purse- Clearance at Lillian’s Belt-Goodwill Thrifted Bow-Made

If you have followed any of my past post you would know I just adore fall. 🙂
Funny story, when I was taking these photos I had a friend drive by and ask “whatcha doing?” We had a good laugh and he told me it wasn’t everyday he drove by and saw a girl squatting by herself in a field. So I can not post those photos because they make me laugh too much! Just another reason a tripod would have been helpful… to let people know what I’m doing!
Welp here is a quote I want to leave you with today.
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus
Enjoy the end to this beautiful season!


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