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Mid week Giggle: Shout out to my Peps

It has almost been 3 straight weeks of posts now so I think blogging could now be added to my list of “random obsessions”. It came to me that it maybe an obsession when I brought it up in random conversation after a night out at the theater but I kind of fancy keeping this blog Monday- Friday. (my weekends are much to crazy at this point to keep a blog than as well)
It was going to be big when my fist “comment” came from my Dad. Shortly after my mother sent me a message with the title “OMG”. (She didn’t get that from me people… I’m sure some middle school kids are to blame on that influence.)
You all are the ones that keep me at it. (Thanks Family!) I knew I was hitting it big when a non blood relative, my old softball coach, texted me and called the blog “quite entertaining”.

Here are some things you should know:
1) I try to post in the mornings Monday-Friday
2) By mid afternoon I will have changed it at least once
3) Expect Typos. I put them in there to create a fun game for the reader. (Not really it’s just what I’m telling myself because I don’t see them like you do.)

Now that its Wednesday here is my mid week Giggle. I saw this and it was killing me to hold on to it for a week so if you already saw it, I’m sure you will want to see it again!

All in all I have arrived to the blogging world and my life obsession are here for your entrainment. Enjoy!


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