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Sick Day

Why is there a Cold season?! I much prefer other seasons… arrgg. Today I am sick but I can not take a sick day. We have 2 people out and I need to cover for them until Tue.

Here is my “sick day but I still have to go to work with this cold” survival kit:

Ginger- Take a good bite of it every 2-4 hours, chew it up (It burns so I suggest doing it with your molars) an swallow the juices. Its natures throat numbing gift to us. Don’t drink anything right away let it soak in… but if your a first timer I understand if you go running for a glass of water. You can always make a tea out of it.

Ibuprofen- For all the aches.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes- Its bad enough you are at work sick, worse if you are not careful about spreading it, wipe down everything you touch. Enough said.

Kleenex-I don’t love it when people blow there nose at there desks so please make a bathroom run if its close by.

Orange Juice, Tea, and Chicken Noodle Soup– Not great together but you should bring them both. Orange juice to help you get tons of vitamin C and the tea and soup feels wonderful on the throat.

Last but not least don’t forget cough or congestion medicine.

Well I’m off to start packing up my survival kit… and lets hope this thing passes as quickly as it came!
Feel free to post any tips you have in the comment box.


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