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How to Increase Your Odds in Catching the Wedding Bouquet

I wouldn’t say this is an obsession, perhaps I’m just at that age where I’m on the “Wedding Tour.” I have a lot of friends getting married so I have had some time to learn and figure out ways to increase my odds of catching the bouquet. After catching 2 out of 3 I’m now prepared to share my tips with you. (Get ready to laugh, I really enjoyed writing this one up!)

As “All My Single Ladies” starts playing women tend to think one of three things.
1. Oh God this again…
2. Do I have too? I’m dating so technically I could be off the market.

Typically #3 girl becomes that way because there was some other factor. The bouquet toss is always made it more interesting when some tells you to go catch it, there is money on the table for it, or you really do belive if you catch it you will be the next to get married. (Dear, if that was true I would be married five times by now.) I always enjoy pretending I spent $XXX on the wedding gift to get this one shot at catching a fresh floral arrangement for the house. šŸ™‚ (Yes I have been described as competitive, although I prefer driven. Sounds better doesn’t it?)

I’m going to give you 3 steps to incress your odds of catching the bouquet if you are that #3 person listed above.

1. Assess the venue– If there is a low ceiling, lights, or rafter beams you can count that the Bride is so involved on this day that they didn’t see it or isn’t thinking of how this would effect on the toss. 75% of the time it will hit the ceiling and fall short.

2. Prepared for placement– If you think it will fall short be right up front. Tall ceiling or a smart Bride who will avoid the pit fall of the venue just go straight to the back of the pack.

3. Always be ready give them the fake out then box out – Just chat to the ladies around you and stand like “oh this thing again… why am I out here?” standing with your feet together idoly chatting will make others think you want nothing to do with it and are not a threat. Once tossed take a big step in front of your biggest aggressive threat with your arms out to the sides. (basketball box out) If you know them toss in a hip check.
CAUTION: Please look for the flower girl, its frowned upon to knock her out or send her to the hospital in your quest to catch the bouquet.

*For the advanced Bouquet catcher: It is helpful to lure tall people to the back of the pack. Find the target and start chatting with them as you walk to the floor. Stay between them and the bride so they have a higher chance of following you. Stand in the back with them for a sec, then sneak up the side to the front with some comment like “I can’t see anything back here” or “Oh is that Jane? I must say hi!” as you sneak away. Tall people have a clear advantage… If you are that tall person, congrats. Stand in the front and don’t let shorties like me move you out of your location…

Its 11-11-11 so I’m sure there are a few weddings to attend today.
Go get’em and enjoy your newly found fresh floral arrangements!!


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4 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Odds in Catching the Wedding Bouquet

  1. Love it! I’m proud to say I caught the bouquet at two weddings in a row a few summers ago.

  2. Lindsey M on said:

    You make me smile šŸ™‚ Did you catch the bouquet at my wedding?

    • I don’t think I did. Your wedding was one of my 1st friends weddings so I don’t think I was a “driven” back then… Your fake prank engagement will always make me smile! Best prank in Cru history as far as I’m concerned…

  3. Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this web site needs far more consideration. I?ll probably be again to read rather more, thanks for that info.

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