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A Warmth Obsession

The white flakes are drifting to the ground and everyone around me is playing christmas music. I guess have a bit of a grinch streak against Christmas before Thanksgiving. (Where ever did I get that?) However snow means the official full time introduction the the weekend footed PJ’s. If you live in or north of Iowa DO NOT disregard this, footed pj’s are not just for kids anymore (even if that is the section where I get mine).
I’m sure you thought you all just made a fun appearance for Halloween but you are sadly mistaken.

I currently have 2 pairs and here are a few reasons to reconsider the footed PJ fashion inside your own house on lazy days.
1. They will keep you unbelievably snug and warm
2. Because you are Warm you can save on your heating bill
3. The grippy bottom’s the feet will help prevent you from slipping on tile or wood floors
4. There is a zipper from toe to neck
5. They are festive of the winter season
6. They styles can be quite fun
1. The bathroom situation is not ideal-wear a tank top…
2. Over heating at night, but is it really a problem? Can you be too warm?
3. The styles can be a bit overwhelming (I know its listed twice… it really does belong both pro’s and cons)

christmas week 2008

after christmas 2010


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