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A Time To Give Thanks!

It has arrived! The day to give thanks. Have you come up with all the things your are thankful for? When I think about this last year and all that has happened I have these 7 things I’m thankful for: (oh sure there is more but lets just keep it short)
1. Family- They are so supportive
2. Friends- What a blessing all my new and old friends have been this past year!
3. My Faith- God can keep you so strong at times! He is full of love and mercy!
4. Insurance- Well, totaled car, new roof… thank goodness for good insurance! enough said!
5. Fun Work- I really like all the changing and challenging elements
6. Travel- What a blessing it has been to travel, this past year Brazil was amazing and the people so great!
7. Church community- Substance has been amazing these past 4 years! I love my friends I have met there…

Okay down to the promised Black friday tips!

1. Make a List of people to get gifts
2. Organize coupons so you can compare them to the ads
3. Note cards-one for each store or a nice list on your phones memo pad
4. Go through the adds and write down what you want to get and the price and who you think it would be great for.
5. Go back over your list and weed out the gifts you don’t need, want, or stores that don’t have enough items worth stopping at.

I am sooooo looking forward to a delightful meal with the fam, naps, than plotting my course around my home town for black friday.
Don’t forget to check out the online deals! Amazon have started there black friday deals already!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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