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Midweek Giggle-Learning English

I stumbled into these videos awhile back one really late night with my roommate and the 2nd phrase had us rolling on the ground. They just make me smile! It makes me wonder if there are any English to Japanese videos out there for us!

I really have to give the men in suits credit for being in this video. Learning english and exercising at the same time, brilliant! But since I’m sharing videos about learning English here is my favorite one from college.

An Ad that makes fun of German accents and encourages you to learn a foreign language. Hilarious!
Hope you had a good giggle today!!


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One thought on “Midweek Giggle-Learning English

  1. I started crying at the second English phrase I was laughing so hard. So glad you shared this! And I haven’t seen the German video in awhile, but it’s definitely a favorite. 🙂

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