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If You Could Do Anything…

If you could do anything, what would you do?
Do you think about this or are you content in what you do? I often wrestle with not being continent but convince myself it’s just because there is so much room for improvement how could I be content enough to not dream?! Did I loss you? hum… I day-dream, some times I think more than most people.

There is the dream of working and living in some far off land for a while. If I was a travel writer I could be mobile, not chained to a desk, or just chained to the desk I choose anyplace in the world. But I’m not that good at writing. Spelling issues and my frankness would be the death of it.

Perhaps a Photo journalist? But everyone has good cameras now a days and hardly need a Photo Journalist.

So that’s what I do, dream big, reality, DREAM BIG, reality…

Today I had a great, simple and obtainable day-dream. Someday if I get married (yep we are going there because than I could mooch off his insurance, see I’m a REALIST) I would spend all day in my garage or work shop and picking up free stuff off Craigslist. (I’m not hoarding, just stick with me) I would pick up some nice old dressers, end tables, tables, chairs, book cases that need a little love/updating and fix them up and turn them into something wonderful… I could sand them down and re-stain them if its nice stuff. Or I could paint them and add some neat posters or music sheets on them. I would play around with my “free stuff” and make it wonderful and repost it on Craigslist or a cute shop!

Have it not be about the money but more about fixing things, re-purposing it, creating something personal for someone.

Even a broken chair could make a really cool shelf.
What would you do?! Keep the dreams ALIVE!
(I’m adding on to my day dream. We will have a big old truck or trailer… and the hubby will LOVE picking up and moving the times for me and be so supportive of the fun job I’ve made for myself. We will make a little show room in my shed in the back yard… šŸ™‚ that is all, for now)


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