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Have you ever used the Google search engine and immediately regretted it? My generation is running to Google to answer every little question and rarely takes the time to retain information. Also we no longer need to call home to answer every little grown-up whim. Some of us still like to call home and ask our mom how the steam mop works but over all i tis no longer necessarily.
For example a friends little brother started college and somehow never learned how to do laundry previously to moving out. His facebook status was “Is it sad that I had to google “how to do laundry” before I washed my clothes today??”.
Well I too have a moment like that. I was listening to a song by a british artist and had the desire to have Beans on Toast. Now I have been to places in the world where beans and rice is a very different dish from rice and beans. So I googled and watched a video about “how to make proper beans on toast” and indeed, it is as simple as it sounds.
1. Open can of beans and put in a pot
2. Heat beans on stove for 10 min
3. Last 5 min of heating the beans start toasting the bread.
4. Butter the bread and place the beans on top.

Simple meal with lots of fiber. I really wonder who it was who decided “I should make a video on this” or is it possibly more sad that I watched the whole thing… Humm… Well no mater what please shut off the phones and have an intelligent discussion or call you mother before you Google today. Try it, it might be fun!


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