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10 Things to Keep in Your Car

I love all the seasons we get in the North but however beautiful it is you should always be prepared for the danger. Here are 10 things to have in your car:
1. Food and Water– Never know how long you’ll be there so I suggest dried fruits and bars. If you have a long commute you may want to lock this up in the trunk or back seat out of your reach.
2. Blanket– stay warm and great for an impromptu picnic.
3. Hat, mittens, scarf– Again, more with the saying warm idea and avoiding frost bite, or your always ready for a snowball fight.
4. Extra winter clothing– If you get out of the car to help dig out the car you will need these to stay dry and warm.
5. Jumper Cables– I’ve used them 8 times in the last 10 years to help people and 2 times for my car.
6. Large Plastic Bag– So many uses! You can turn it into a poncho to stay dry or its great incase there is a large blow out sale at Aldi’s
7. Flashlight– I have one that has red flashing flare and flashlight so people can see me on the road.
8. Tow Rope– Just in case and comes in handy if you need to tie down your Christmas tree
9. First aid kit– just in case, also helpful in the summer during softball season.
10. Ice scraper and brush– This you will use EVERY DAY! So much better than using a Credit Card. Spend 10 bucks and get a GREAT ONE! Trust me, its worth it!

Extra bonus items:
* Tea light candle and matches/lighter, Don’t light in your car, that’s really dangerous. This is incase you need to start a fire outside of the car and work on your smoke signals.
* Old Cell phone, you can call 911 out on an old cell phone if it is charged
* Tools and WD40 (the WD40 is great for getting rusted bolts off of ties.)
Be Safe and HAVE FUN!


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One thought on “10 Things to Keep in Your Car

  1. My dad would be proud of this post! He’s always on me about not wearing heels in winter!! 🙂 🙂 He’s got like world’s best car safety kit. Sounds a lot like this one!!

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