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Nail art

Well my dear friends I found the most marvelous nail art tools! No they are not stickers and you don’t even have to worry about free handing the design…

Houndstooth is still one of my favorites right next to Zebra.

So here is: I love painting my nails. I own a box full of nail polish’s. I don’t get manicure’s, I do them myself. SO I saw a blog with this woman and her amazing nails and it took 4 blog posts and a google search to learn her secret. Well lucky you, I’m just going to tell you!

Go to Amazon.com and type in “Nail Art Polish Stamp Set” and everything you will need will come up.
Get some of these

and one of these

It is so easy… you add nail polish to the plate, scrap off the excess, use the stamper to pick it up off the plate and roll it on to your nail. Nail one DONE!
Clean off the plate and start again.


I plan on having a lot of fun with this and keeping you updated post some more pics of all the fun new ideas I get. Have a great friday and weekend!


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