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Sugar for my Sweet Tooth

I have a very common last name so I called a “family meeting” with some friends from my church with the same last name that just got married. It was a delightful night of movies and baking “family cookies”.

I really don’t know how or when this happened but I take cookie decorating SERIOUSLY for about 45 min.
Check out the results.

I came up with a fun way to blend the colors. I wish I had taken photos along the way but here’s how it goes.
Step one: Bake cookies.
Step two: Mix up some frosting and divide it into 4 ziplock bags, add food coloring, and clip the corner slightly.
Step three: Decorate the cookie! Just spread frosting on the cookie.
Sept four: Use the mixed food color frosting on the cookie. For the snowflake I added a large dot in the middle, a small ring around that, add lines above that on the points of the flake.
Step five: Shake the cookie
Step six: Use a toothpick or a kabob skewers and drag it through the frosting until you get your desired design.
Optional: Add festive sprinkles.

MMM cookies!! Happy Holidays!


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