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Happy New Years Weekend!

It has finally arrived! Are you sick of hearing “what are your new years resolutions” yet? I am. Don’t get me wrong I like the idea, one year to improve an aspect of your life. However I hate the inevitable failure that comes with it and if you are honest, you hate it too.

Here are few ideas to improve your resolutions this year.

Keep your resolutions attainable. Lets say your goal is weight loss, because that’s everyone’s, break that down to be eat healthy Monday- Friday (pack lunches and never snack on treats that come in) and work out 2 times a week. Once you make those goals tell someone you work with that you trust to yell at you when you tip toe out of line. Then set up work out dates with a friend every week. There you go less of a chance of failure.
Set up monthly goals, if you make it one month set up a reward and if you fail a punishment. That way it isn’t every year you make resolutions but every month breaking it down into a more attainable time period and more chances to reach your goals.

As for me:

Have a Happy and Safe New Year! See you back here next year! MONDAY! 🙂

Enjoy this quick song by Zooey and Joseph. Happy New Year!


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