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That Long HYW 8 Drive

Random obsession of mine would be to observe the beauty on a drive. I do like observing on a good drive, not so much the driving its self. Recently, on my way home from Christmas this year, I was stuck behind an awful slow truck and I wasn’t even 10 mile from my parents home. This drive is beautiful but can be oh so long with it being one lane and about 5 points of opportunity for passing so rather than getting too annoyed I made a photo shoot of it starting just outside Barron in Poskin.
So here is my puffy vest plaid county shoot:
PS check out the newbee shot that you can CLEARLY see my tripod… HA!

Than on to Almena. This place has always fascinated me. It use to be large metal scrap yard, or so I imagined. The field around this little shack had the most interesting large and small pieces scattered all over the field. My guess is that it was a place to go if you were looking for parts. I was sad a few years back when they cleaned it up but I can’t help but think the citizens of Almena rejoiced this blemish was cleaned up, however the shack still remained.

But boy it was a gusty day to do this shoot…

The next stop was Turtle lake… where I took a photo of a camper all painted up in a Green Bay motif. But the photo didn’t turn out 😦

Than just west down Hwy 8 there is this cute cabin coffee shop I’ve always wanted to try but I never give myself enough time. Today they were closed but I still took this beautiful shot of it.

Cute right!? I think the owners live in a cabin just up the street on the lake in the woods. What a great life! Run a cute coffee shop on a lake in the woods. It’s not even really near a town. It’s on my list to check out.

Next stop was a St.Croix thrift shop and a quick shot of me and the tractors.

The last stop before nightfall is someplace I’ve seen SO many times but never could stop. I finally stopped at Franconia Sculpture Park just outside of Taylor’s Falls. I pass this ever-changing place with fascination but it was nice to finally walk around this whimsical park.

Having the photo shoot was a nice distraction on the ride home. Hope you enjoyed the shots and are encouraged to stop on a few more trip to take photos or observe the beauty around you.


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