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I am a Thrift-oholic. However I have really slowed down this past 2 years. I use to go weekly and now its more of a monthly with a purpose trip. Well I found a new thrift store in a convent location just mile from my house. It’s really interesting because it reminds me of a church thrift sale. Lots of REALLY OLD things, but that also means a good number of really cool things.
I’m kinda leaning into this retro vibe around the house. I have some cool old Family sofas from the early 1900’s and a new kitchen update that looks like it’s from the 60’s… all in all I’m having a blast trying to figure out my style.
Well here is what I got for $8.

Cool old filing shelf that I’m going to paint and add magnets and photos on the side of it.
Awesome Higher book of songs, from 1928. I love reading some of the old songs, I have about 3 really old song books like this and just reading the words and picturing the people of the day treasuring the books and practicing them on the piano because it was the form of entertainment before the radio and Tv came along.
Cool old leather briefcase, purse, and plaid suitcase. I have 3 suitcases like this now… I love the idea of them as a day bag as you go away for a weekend.
$8 well spent on this rather than a night out at the movies. Have you found any treasures lately?


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2 thoughts on “Thrifting

  1. Hannah on said:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, I’m from the Minneapolis area as well. Which thrift stores do you frequent?

    • The best is a bit in the hood, UniDale Mall (off University and Dale street) Salvation army. Big selection and great prices. Then if you are Hardcore there is a goodwill outlet near the U of M. Things roll out in bins and are prices by the lb.!

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