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Shoe Organization

Shoe’s Shoe’s Shoe’s!! I have a whole mess of shoes. I just love them! Mostly heals are my drug of choice and I just adore pumps. I try not to spend much money and do my best to get deals and it really isn’t that hard since I have a size 6 foot. Lots of size 6 in the clearance section. Anyway I was sick of them taking up space so I had this wall in the basement that is now a shoe display for 12 pairs of shoe’s.

So to make this fun and cute shoe display and get your shoes off the floor and so easy to find you will need a few things.
-Crown molding of your choosing
-Paint color, I just mixed the sample paint at home depot
-Paint Brush- I already have a few
-One pack of the Large 3m strips, you know the ones that normally go on hooks that you pull on to release? Those are the ones!

I made a trip to the hardware store and got this all on one trip. The trick was to get the crown molding cut. I don’t have a saw at home so I played a pity card with a nice young man who worked in the store and he gladly cut it to size for me. šŸ™‚ Doesn’t hurt to smile!
Next I picked out the paint and then picked up the strips and I was out the door.

I wanted to give it some life so I just dragged the brush along the crown molding. This created some lines in the paint that I think turned out well.
Let it dry.
Follow the instructions for the 3m strips and let it hang for and hour then I added my shoes. I’m going to work on this area a bit more but so far I think it’s a good start.


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