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Sun Dress in the Winter

This weekend it was about 40 degrees in Wisconsin and Minnesota. That is extremely warm and the sun was out. So why not wear a sun dress. Here is the new catch phrase
Sun Dresses: Not just for summer anymore!
I don’t pack up very much of my clothing in the winter other then my shorts. So all I do is add some layers, tights, boots, sweater and this sun dress is winter ready. I was going to a baby shower and stopped to take these shots on the way. (click to enlarge the pics)

Over all this outfit was a steal of a deal. The dress I just picked up last week at Marshall’s $7 Tights Clearance at Target- $3
Sweater BOGO at JCP- $10, Boots from Cents of Style- $30 with a 10% off coupon, The expensive pieces I wear a lot. (if you can call $10 and $30 expensive, hehehe) How do you wear your summer clothing in the winter?


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One thought on “Sun Dress in the Winter

  1. Looooovvvvve it! 🙂 great dress and way to break the summer dresses in summer rule!! ps— great find, $7!? so sweet.

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