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Do it Yourself Magnets

For the Pinterest bunch I choose to update the ugly magnets on my fridge. I’m almost sure all the magnets we have are hand-me-downs, left in the mail box for the local auto shop, or from trips I’ve been on. So to move some of the less desirable magnets to the side of the fridge I wanted to make some that match the colors in my house.
Here is what you need:
Glass beads (I got mine at the dollar tree)
Craft paper, photos, or magazine cut outs to the size of the bead

Take some glue, spread it on the back side of the glass bead. Add the paper of choice design side on the glue.
Rub it on and let it dry.
Add a bit of glue on the magnet and add to the back side of the paper.
The end result is some fun new magnets


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