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Wash Your Own Clothing!

About two weeks ago my washing machine quit. I don’t know what we did to offend it but I felt like it had slapped me in the face laughing “Wash your own clothing… HA”. This was kind of traumatic since the last time I had done a load of wash was around Christmas. (I’m trying to do it weekly, really I AM, but things keep coming up!) We have never had any real issues with it before it quit so I wanted to rip the thing apart and see what had happened.
First thing you should know is that the washing machine is like a little safe protecting the crown jewels. I felt like a monkey trying to figure out how to use a PC for the first time… I looked in the back, bottom, sides, and top for the sweet spot that would let me inside. After a bit I just started to give it a general poke from time to time and letting out primal grunts that would give any tennis player a run for their money. Little progress was made until I saw at the top where it meets the front of the washer “clips” attaching the top to the bottom. I grabbed a screwdriver and push in the tabs (one on each side) until it entirely was unlatched the front panel. ONE SMALL STEP DONE. Now to figure out what happened in here.
I didn’t know where to go after I saw the belt was in good condition since I had hope this part was warn out. This is where the generation of “google” and “you tube” comes into play. After watching 3 unhelpful videos I found one for my make and model and did what the guy told me to do. The motor had died. I thought “no big deal it will be cheaper to get a new motor and fix this large metal appliance rather than buying new.” Ummm really? Was I born in the 50’s?! Of-course a new motor would be $385 before tax’s.
(I’m trying to get off my soap box as this is about to launch me into the topic of how wasteful our society has become. No one fix’s anything any more… I’m surprised we don’t rewire our houses when a light bulb goes out. I digress)
Here is a picture of the motor after I wrestled it out of the grips of the washer.

Note: Dirty fingers
Okay so now the question is new or used. My last washer was used and I was goggling to learn more about a washing machine and it come down to it and I got this pretty little thing about a week ago.

Laundry has been done and she is working well. Best part is something my father brought up… I no longer have to dive in head first to get the socks out of the bottom. 🙂
Happy Friday! I will try to post Monday morning however I will be in Vegas for work so please give me grace if it is not up by 7am. Did I mention that my roommates will be home and I have not feed my 6 Rottweilers the past few days… Just sayin!
Have a great weekend and BE BLESSED!


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