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I think I found what will be my summer obsession. Normally I don’t find them they just start happening but this one I am sure will have to wait until summer and I can set up camp in a garage.
I think I am in love with this stupid Warehouse item. I was looking at a stack of them the other day talking to the WHSE Manager and I was like they would make a fabuous coffee table. Currently I don’t think i need one but who knows.
Again I googled and Pintested this idea and who knew that it was a such a popular trend right now. Check out this Gallery full of fun things that you can make out of Pallets.
I think I need most of them. Some for my house others for the yard and OH look at that fabulous bench on the beach my look great in different colors to go with our cabin in the screened in porch. (I’m sure that structure would have to be passed by the family… but I LOVE IT!)

Its always good to know if you don’t have stairs there is a cheep way to make them! Also a friend of mine was disappointed with my Shoe storage post a few weeks ago because he’s a guy and my heel storage isn’t much help to him. THIS JUST IN, you could use Pallets, It might be hard on the toes of the shoes so I would suggest it for dress shoes.

Excuse me I must go look for some new drill bits and check the WHSE for some good Pallets now before they send them all away!


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