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Quick Tips for Flying

So I am back and my dogs and Roommates held down the fort quite well.

I like to fly ALOT and it is not Random but a CONSTANT obsession. I take on average 10-12 flights a year for work and for my vacations so I wanted to share 5 quick tips before you fly.

I always pack an empty water bottle because I never feel like I get enough water on the flights. The air is quite dry on the flights so just pack a normal everyday plastic water-bottle and fill it on the other side of the security line.

Because you can not check any bags for free with some airlines I now wear lots of layers. This can be a bit burdensome at the security check points since if I bring boots I wear them on the flight (I have small feet and have not had issues with feet swelling on the flights but I know people who do so lace up shoes is a better choice for you)
Suggestion, Tank top/tshirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater and light jacket with a scarf. I don’t put the jacket back on until its time to get on the flight. I totally avoid jewelry other than earrings.

PS I don’t normally do black and brown together so these are more ideas of the overall outfit (CK this note maybe for your info.) 🙂

Check in:
I checked in to the flight 24 hours ahead and had the pass texted to me. They have QR readers at the different places and so this is great for me… I will not lose my ticket as long as I had my new fancy phone with internet.

I was going for work so I did the park and fly. $20 a day and no lines what so ever for check in or security.

So they only let you get on with 1 suitcase and a personal item such as a purse or laptop bag. This annoys me since I need both a laptop bag (full of my high heals and laptop) as well as my purse. SO I don’t have a big purse, and I just had it on under my coat… I KNOW I KNOW not the most honest thing but it would have fit in the suitcase and I would have had to taken time to pull it out since I put both of my other bags up in overhead bins. No one stopped me so I didn’t have to fight that fight.

*just because tip* BE FRIENDLY! It makes the flight fly by (ha ha fly by, get it?) when you ask people questions and talk about life. I sat by a couple (a bit older) that had issues with there Ipod so I offered to help. It was stuck on repeat and from there the next 2 hours flew by talking about work, weddings, travel, grandkids, and all kinds of topics. It was wonderful.

Fly safe and have fun!


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