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Midweek Giggle-Clean Funny Friend Raps

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN (warning they use the D word in this rap… just saying)

This Video says it all. I try not to be one of these people. Here is a big tip only slightly hit in this Rap, ALWAYS hang up when you are close to the front of a check out line. I refuse to go through a check out line on my phone. It is SO RUDE to the people who are trying to help you.

Hey ST.Joes Middle School, this is my shout out to you, when is the next game of clean out your backyard or Dodge-ball?! This might get the you in the ZONE for the game. 🙂

And this is a friend of mine under the Rapper name Dolla Dolla Bill… it’s a few years old but my little SHOUT OUT TO WI peps checking out the blog!! I can’t wait to cross the river again! 🙂

Wicka Wicka WWWHHHAAAATTT?!?!? Thats it for today!
PEACE! Have a happy and blessed Wednesday!


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