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Groundhogs Day/Super Bowl weekend

How was everyones Groundhogs day?! Did you happen to watch the Bill Murray 1993 classic, “Groundhogs Day”? 🙂 I was tempted but I think i saw it enough growing up (I promise you it was on every day on repeat for the last week in Jan leading into Groundhogs day for 6 years in the 90’s. If you didn’t have cable it was the only thing to watch on the 9 channels that came in…)
Last year for work I stayed at Planet Hollywood in Vegas and I got the room themed after Andie MacDowell, the female star in the movie. Here are some pics of her stuff in the room I stayed.

And since this weekend is the Super Bowl I want to pass on this link to Sweet Pea’s Kitchen that has 25 great snack foods to make for a Super Bowl party.
Click here

And here are some AMAZING craft ideas for the party from Tiny Prints. I’m SO doing the rootbeer label thing for future party’s. BRILLIANT!
Click Here

This week has been a bit light on the crafts but don’t worry I HAVE A GREAT ONE I can’t wait to show you next week!!
Have a great weekend! See you back here on MONDAY!


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