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Interview with a Princess

Last weekend I visited a dear friend and old coworker that had her first baby when we worked together. I had a friends nice Canon SLR D7 for the weekend so I wanted to play around a bit. I met little G and she would not sit still.

So I started to play along

After this shot I gave up all hope of a normal photo. Little G was not happy sitting still.

We moved on to hide and go seek and this was so fun. I walked around the table with the camera in my hand down low, fake fell and “found her”.

Later I “found her” in the castle…

after a good game I asked her if she liked to play dress up, “I have a whole suitcase of princess dresses”. She ran upstairs and pulled this bad boy out.
and so it started…

I proceeded to tell her I was a reporter and this was my 1st interview with a princess. But asked her if she had a photo or painting of her and the queen mother?! perhaps we should update that. She plopped in her mother’s lap and stat still for 7 sec. That’s all the princess thought I needed.

Now the hard questions. “Where is the ball, what kind of dancing do you like to do?” – nothing… “do you do ballet, the 2 step or boogie?!” And this is what came out of little G’s mouth as she caught her reflection in the TV, “Princess don’t boogie!” We laughed so hard and I tried to contain myself “of-course my apologies princess…”

We tried some waving shots… to her adoring public

Now to find a throne. CHECK!

“Princess, who designed your dress? Do you know who made it?” Little G responded “the Prince” “What is the Princes favorite color?” “Blue?!”

She adored her own reflection in the TV…


Than she found her sun glasses and was off to the ball.

Over all a great day of dress up… I know you may have wanted a longer interview but hey the princess is 3… you get what you get.


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