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DIY Cupcake Tray or Serving Plater

As promised I had a new craft this past week. I was looking at some unique plates at a store and thought of my friend. She would love this plate but what do you do with just a plate?!
So I started wondering the store thinking of what I could do and I remembered that I had some really strong glue from another project. There HAS to be something I can make with this… up and down the aisles I went when I thought of something I saw on Pinterest a few weeks back. They had used some round cake trays and candlestick holders to make an organizing stand.
So I zipped down the candlestick area and back to the plates to find a big cool base plate. I came home and washed them all.

Candle stick holder or holders (you could make it 3-4 high, but thinking about storage before you get too high, this project doesn’t break down)
Sand paper
Glue-I used E6000 (you can find it at most craft stores) DO NOT GET ON YOUR SKIN, be oh so careful not to come into contact with the glue, it’s strong! If you do for some reason touch it try some fingernail polish remover to get it off.

Grabbed some sandpaper and sanded the top and bottom of the candlestick holder hoping creating groves on the surface would help the glue grip.
Did some measuring and eyeballing, added a small amount of glue to the rim of the candlestick holder and pressed it to the top plate and let sit for 20 min. Repeated with more glue for the bottom. Let sit for 48-72 hours. viola!

I brought it over to my friends early and she used it for the party that night. She loved it! One of a kind and just her style. I didn’t paint the candle stick-holder because I thought perhaps she could used a wall color to help tie it in to one of her own rooms.

This is where the title of my blog comes into play… I don’t think I can ever make just one when an idea is this brilliant. :S Perhaps there is a market for them?


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