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Take the Bull by the…

I’ve decided that I will no longer take the bull by the horns. I think there is a better way to show the bull who is in charge after this weekend in AZ.
We had a show in Phoenix but at these shows we always have some kind of social event to mix corporate with venders with franchises. This years event was in the desert and it was SERIOUSLY so cool that I just couldn’t keep these pictures to myself this morning. Sadly I missed a lot of cool things as well. There was Hot air-balloon rides but I didn’t get to go up because it became too windy (that’s kind of the story of my life! I’ve been trying to do a hot air-balloon ride for about a year now. I’ve been booked for 4 different ones and they are all canceled because of wind…but don’t worry! This will be my year for the hot-air-balloon ride!)

The Olympic games I participated in were so much fun but because I was the white team captain and with all the cheering or running, I didn’t get ANY pictures. OH well we placed 6th so that was fun! WHITE WHITE WE WILL FIGHT WITH ALL OUR MIGHT!
There was a marvelous performance by a 14 year-old hoop dancer. As his dad announced this was the same day as the out-door hoop competition and they have a dynasty in this area since he had 7 boys that all hoop danced over the years and they all made it to the finals.
7 BOYS!! OMG that sounds so crazy!

My coworkers participated in a show down. They shot blanks at each-other that was timed. DRAW!!

And I found out that not only can you take the bull by the horns, you can also take it by the

Still shows the bull whose boss, don’t ya think?

Overall this was one of my favorite times at a work event. There were lots of other cool things I didn’t even see like an astronomer, MeHaa the donkey that serves drinks, tomahawk throwing, and so so so much more. I will leave you today with a shot of the Barn. I had a really great time and think if you ever have to plan a fun conference or event you should try to check this place out!


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