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Custard Filled

If you didn’t grow up in a town that had a small local bakery, let me tell you, you missed out. As you step into the shop you are overcome with the smells of fresh baked sweet doughs and sugary goodness. I remember when I was old enough to bike to town with my dad and the destination was “donuts”. I always felt like we took the long way (well the short way is by a lake and has sharp curves that people speed around so I understand why we took the long way) but it was worth it. Dad and I would peddle in to town and go straight to Leroy’s Bakery and leave the bikes out front. You always walked into the same scene, a few old men having coffee, a guy behind the counter with one of the white funny boat hats, and I would observe this for 1 sec. Yeah that’s about all it took to look over the store and I always go straight for the same donut, custard filled donut with chocolate on top. Mmmmm. So good. Here is a pic of me at about that age… so cute right? 1st day of school.

I remember another time I had that donut clear as day. I was with my dad at work, the woodshop, and his friend had a box of donuts and I was so excited and per usual I picked my classic HeatherLee choice. I was about half done with the donut and I was both sad and outraged… NO CUSTARD. What in the world!! I was sad, mad, confused, possibly on a slight sugar high but my reaction was out of control but I couldn’t contain it. I was crying and I think I remember it so well because I was 5 or so and I knew that I shouldn’t be acting like this but I couldn’t even talk but I was crying sssoooo hard. My dads friend, (poor man having to see that, he never had kids and I’m sure this reaction served as a form of birth control) opened the box and said “THERES MORE! I have a WHOLE BOX! Just try another. Its okay…”

Okay enough with story time. This all leads up to present day.
I was driving to work and highly debating getting a donut before work, yesterday was a rough day and I know having something good 1st thing in the morning would be the way I could turn this around. I mean really who has a bad day story that starts with a donut?! So I was thinking, Cub? Nah takes to long. Gas station? Lord only knows how old they are. And then I remember a sign I drive past everyday in Bursville, Donut. It lacks creativity but why not?

It was a WONDERFUL surprise that it was so much like the Leroy’s bakery of my past. (Yes I said past. Oh did I forget to tell you?! Someone wanted the land the bakery was on and had it closed down and still has not done anything with it… what a WASTE!) The smells just like it should, sweet doughy goodness. I have decided to branch out in my donut ventures since age 5 and got a maple glazed donut with peanuts on top. It was delish!

However I guess I assumed it would have some kind of filling, but it did not. “Drats!” Well at least in 20+ years my reactions have drastically improved to the lack of filling in donuts that should be filled. 😀
Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Be sure to come back to the site Monday for a new post! (probably less dramatic and personal then this one…)


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