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St Patty’s Day Wear

Well it has been a bit since I took some time to design an outfit (other than the ones I wear every day).
So here I made 3 different St.Patty’s Day outfits ideas.

From left to right we have the effortless work outfit. Its fun and trendy with just a little splash of green in the top. Next we have the no wear to go look. Simple and the one everyone has a version of in their closet. I wanted to pair the green with the caramel color I seem to have fallen in love with this fall and again, I love a good scarf (I have a lot of scarfs). Last we have a nice out to dinner look or party look. Now you are thinking “what?! that’s not green…” This is great because Mint has taken the fashion streets by storm and I expect it to be a big color this spring.
Also a new addition is with each outfit I have a suggested hairdo. I’ve been doing a lot of up do’s for work and fancy outings and braids have been making a comeback since the 80’s.

So if you are going to work, hitting the streets, or having a nice meal I’ve got ya covered. Don’t forget it’s coming up in 3 weeks March 17th… Also if you are in the Twin Cities Saint Paul will be having its annual walk of the Irish. Head down and check it out!


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