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Saint Paul Night

I took these photos one night this past fall. I use to work in down town Saint Paul but I never really drove around the outside of it. Just to the north of Saint Paul the land is much higher so I wanted to see if I could find a good spot before sunset to take a photo of the city. JACK POT! Just east of the capital there is a look out point.. WHO KNEW?! I didn’t, but it was beautiful and I had a great time reminiscing about good old Saint Paul.

During the day it is hopping place with many workers. But not a lot is open at night. If I worked late I remember I would run to the parking garage 3 blocks away because a noise spooked me. Oi.
When they had the republican convention in Saint Paul I was working late and saw the start of the riot and they closed off the bridge. I begged a riot officer near the children’s museum to let me go to my car and go home… I got out just in time.

But there where delightful things as well like the winter carnival, Wild Games, History Children’s and Science Museum, and so many cool old buildings! If you are ever downtown Saint Paul on a week day check out the cafe in the Landmark building. I use to love getting meals from them! Great folks and food! Enjoy some sunset shots and I hope you all have a Blessed weekend!!


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