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DIY Cupcake Tray or Serving Plater: 2

I have come up with some different ideas since my 1st post about the DIY Cupcake Tray’s/Serving Platters. (Click here for that blog)

Below are 2 I made for a friend’s birthday. She needed a place to Organize some stuff so I hit up the dollar tree and got everything I needed for 3 crafts, two 9″ cake pans, a plate, 2 glasses, and some glass pebble beads. (I already had glue, spray paint, and magnets at home)

For this I took my clear glass and some spray paint, and I painted both glass blue. Let that dry.

I came inside and made some magnets for friends and family. (see my how to blog on that here)

I brought the glassware in side and let it warm up.

To make the cake platter I added a small ring of glue around the edge of the glass then pressed it firmly on to the back of the plate. I added weight on top of it and left it to dry for the next 48 hours.

To make the organizer I just added glue on both the top and bottom of the glass and centered in on the cake pans. I added some weight on it and left it to dry for the next 48 hours.

Now you can add a ring of mason jars or something to organize items and I added the magnets because it was metal and I could. đŸ™‚

Happy crafting! I hope you get inspired with another new twist on an idea! More cake tray photos to come! I just found some awesome candle holders I’m looking forward to using!


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