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Craft Palooza: Spray Paint Accents

So I have 2 reeeallly smart parents. I didn’t know much about spray paint till about 2 weeks ago and it has CHANGED MY LIFE and possibly the ozone. I have made some okay blahish things into WONDERFUL accents.
Check this out… Okay metal candle stick holders and mirror into beautiful purple accents for a party.

Check out how we used these two crafts as a center piece for a Birthday Party


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2 thoughts on “Craft Palooza: Spray Paint Accents

  1. So where did all those spray paint cans come from in the basement? You can go thrifting in our basement next time you are home I am holding a special on spray paint.

  2. 🙂 I didn’t say we didn’t have it… you just kept me away from it! The last thing I remember you spray painting was a cardboard box, and you painted it Pink for me. I think it was a part of a costume, like a barbie convertible or something… do you remember something like that? Just a short 20 years ago?

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