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Craft Week Ends with a Dresser Update

I got a phone call asking me if I would want a dresser. I said yes and had no idea what would show up, mostly because I didn’t care. I have wanted to do this dresser update for months and I had been checking out thrift stores for one. It turns out it was my bothers old dresser and before that I think it was my fathers. It has great structure and just needs a little love. The big thing for me was to tame my many ideas. I had seen so many cool ideas in photos, friends houses, and Pinterest. I just needed figure out what update I really wanted to try. I opted for a distressed weathered wood look with a poster on the front, inspiration mostly found from an old roommates dresser. Part way through sanding the top started to look really nice so I also changed the plan at that point and stained the top. I think it turned out ever so wonderful!

So here is what you need:
Old rags/t-shirts
Primer with a light blue tint
Paint, semi gloss steel-gray
Sander/sandpaper 100, 120, 220
Small roller
Paint brush
Rotary cuter
Screw driver

1. Take off the hardware
2. Sand it down
3. Prime it
4. Paint it
5. Stain the top
6. Distress the dresser to your liking
7. Cut the poster to fit the door front
8. Apply to the front (really not in love with the way I tried on this so I don’t want to pass it on till I find a good trick)
9. Sand the poster a bit
10. Stain EVERYTHING and wipe it down good.
11. Add coats of Polyurethane

I think the hardest thing was just the initial sanding of it and waiting for the coats of paint and polyurethane to dry. I would suggest 3-4 hour between each step to ensure it is finished drying.

(You can click on the photo below to make it larger)

I’m going to post an after photo once I get it in the house. I did some extra work on the side and edges tonight so you didn’t get to see that but soon!! 🙂 Have a Blessed weekend! Don’t forget to check back Monday-Friday for more Random Obessions of Mine blog posts.


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2 thoughts on “Craft Week Ends with a Dresser Update

  1. LOVE this idea! Absolutely adorable Heather! I didn’t realize the level of your craftiness. Home ownership must have brought the best out of you 😉

    • royalbluedori on said:

      Now you have a new dresser to motivate you to organize your room! I know you didn’t love it, but I am curious of you decoupaged it or tried something else…I wonder if the poly would eat away at the glue over time and turn it yellow?? Unless you used waterbased poly. Awesome dresser!

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