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Earth Day Freebies and 60’s 70’s Clothing Comeback

Well early on earth day I hit up two Targets after the 1st one had special freebies in it… Check it out, all the items are organic:
Travel Face towels
Dish soap
Laundry soap
Granola bars
AND COUPON BOOKS! maybe my fav part

Also this weekend I found so old school numbers at the thrift store that I think could make a come back

Groovy right?!

I like the colors but it was way too big and I had to pinch a few inches in the back so it was not a groovy good fit for this cat.
However this number has potential…

But it came with some extra fabric, perhaps for the shoulders??

or the head?

OOOHHHH maybe a Scarf!?

Okay so I don’t under stand that silly fabric but the rest of the dress is old school. $7 later and it was all mine. Something to look for if shopping vintage, machine washable. “Back in the day” it was a big selling point so they would write it large and right on the label.


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3 thoughts on “Earth Day Freebies and 60’s 70’s Clothing Comeback

  1. I knew you were up to something my freebie girl what a haul.

  2. royalbluedori on said:

    First dress would have looked styling with a belt added on the waste. I was thinking turquoise to go with your eyes! I like the dress you did buy and I love the curls! Could you do a “how to” and also add what products you used and size curling iron?

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