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Waking Up Before the World

This past weekend was my weekend to wake up wicked early. I was up at 4 or 4:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday. We left the house at 4:50 and was back in sec for things I forgot like my hunting license or camera. Then we where off again, arrive to our destination covered from head to toe in cameo. Dad took in the bag and Supper Black Eagle Benneli II and I carried the deco.

After a short tromp through the woods we set up camp on the edge of the river.

Well you can’t really see the river here, it’s past that marshy land.
Any who we heard the world wake up after we took our spot against the tree. The birds where all around us and luckily we where on a ridge so we had an advantage. Early on in calling them a hen came over and hung out with our deco and 20 min later another one joined her. About 7am two Jake’s came in. Oooowwweeee they where big. I missed my first two opportunities to fire at them and then I had to wait and see if they would come back around. They had stayed behind trees for about 30 min until I had to take a shot. He had turned sideways, stretched out his neck and BOOM… 4 birds all ran away. Hum. Well I know I had him sighted in and I walked out the location and the bird shot was all over the trees in the area but I think I shot a bit high or some of the bush had deflected it just right. OH well… When you have a view like this you can’t get too mad.

We stuck around and I took some photos of the flowers in the area I’ll show you tomorrow but all the same it was a fun weekend. We saw deer, hawks, woodpeckers, a sand hill crane and got to see the woods and world wake up. Then we would go to my Aunt and Uncles house where I got to play with the new puppy future hunting dog. Isn’t he cute??!!

And best of all I got to see Grandmother who seems to be in good spirits. So even though I did not use my licenses to kill I still had a great weekend! Happy Monday!!


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One thought on “Waking Up Before the World

  1. You even look good in camo my principal said 🙂

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