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Lyre-back Chairs

Last month I was trying to find more info on the kidney bean table I cleaned up and refinished last month and I saw this chair. My heart soared then sank and the idea I may or may not ever located them… But I logged lots of hours thrifting and I ended up finding them on Craig’s List, 4 of them.

What do you think? I need to clean them up a bit and reupholster them but all in all IN GREAT SHAPE!


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3 thoughts on “Lyre-back Chairs

  1. Joan on said:

    Hi there. I have a chair just like the ones you bought. Can you tell me how much they cost?

    • Well the seller wanted over 1,000 for the set of 4 and if they found a collector they may have gotten that. I saw them post the chairs repeatedly on a site for over a month when I approached them with an offer of $50 a chair. I REALLY love them, they match some other furniture I have and so I was willing to pay that. They really just wanted them out of the house at that point so they agreed.

      • I’m probably going to donate it to a local theatre for use in a set for a play. I don’t suppose anyone wants a single chair for their home. I wonder if mine (used to belong to my grandparents) and yours came from the same place…

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