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Revenge of the Fortune Cookie

My favorite part of getting Americanized Chinese is comparing the years, animals, and relationships of everyone on the little place-mats and the fortune cookies. I’m the year of the rat but I look every-time and the fun little fortune’s are always fun to day dream about. “You will find great riches this week” and so on… Well after a long day and all I wanted was a quick meal I got THIS fortune:

It is definitely “fortune’s” like this that will drive me into the arms of another Americanized Chinese chain. Judge much?! Sheeeesshh… I had to watch the video below 3 time to help me cheer up.

Cute kid and puppy’s- Click here

Whatever happened to the warm fuzzy fortunes?! I mean this is more of a statement then a fortune, and a very rude statement!! I guess all my softball teams and other actives don’t count as much to the chinese fortune cookies. 😦


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