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FREE: The Chronicles of Narnia Audio Books

With summer approaching quickly and teachers letting kids out of school one last time I’m sure many parents are looking for quality ways to enrich their children’s lives this summer and keep them entertained. This Free Chronicles of Narnia provided by Ancient Faith Radio just might be one of the many things to add the summer list of swimming lessons, camps, and slumber parties. If you have the books you can have your child follow along with the audio book or make it a new part of your family time each night after dinner or invite some of the neighborhood. This can be a time that your whole family can enjoy with out having to turn on the TV.  There are 101 recordings broken into about 20-25 min recordings and listening to them all with take you through the ENTIRE Chronicles of Narnia. Perhaps after you go through the first few you could end it with a family movie night since Disney has done a great job capturing them.

Let me know if you have any more ideas on how this can be used this summer. As the kids come rushing out of the school doors and into homes, will you be prepared for week 3? (Week 3 is when I was ready to go back to school just to see everyone again…) XOXO don’t forget to sign all those yearbooks and to my Joe’s-ers “Have a great summer! See you at next years school play!!”


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