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Keep It Growing

So I’m not sure how I heard about this but I have a mind like a lock box, things go in and only come out when I choose to unlock the box.  All the same I heard a little myth, who knows where or when I heard it,  I thought would be fun to try out.

The little onions you get at the store, I buy them to go in eggs or garnish some meals, they have the potential to keep growing. You can use them and just stop cutting before you get to the white onion part and stick the roots in water and it will keep growing. So after using two for an omelet I stopped well before the white part and left them out on the counter in and clear glass dish and some water. I then forgot about them since I was on the go last week.

Here is a photo of it about two days after I cut it… the growth came from the middle. HOW NEAT IS THAT!


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One thought on “Keep It Growing

  1. royalbluedori on said:

    For having a steamer for your fine clothes I can see wrinkles in that cute dress!
    😉 No worries, it doesn’t change how adorable you look in it with that bow. 🙂

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