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Ant Mound

Well when I was mowing this spring I saw there was an ant mound. It has grown so large its like an ant world. Last year I had tried some traditional ortho killers and they seemed to survived it. So I thought I would try a new method. I googled and saw boiling water and laundry detergent was a solution. So here is my attempt at it and in a week I will report back results.

Since I now have an energy efficient washer I have a few detergents around I’ve been meaning to pass off. Now I’m using them on this project.
So bring a large pot to a boil
Add a cup of laundry detergent to a bucket
Add the boiling water to the bucket then take it out to your ant mound

Pour the water out slowly so that it can flood the ant tunnels.

PS mom the bucket you gave me broke but it still works well for my outdoor projects!

I did this 4 more times that same day because of the size of the ant mound. Do it every day for 4 days. The ants will get sick of being in boiling water, detergent, and the survivors sick of rebuilding that they will relocate. (or so thats the plan)

I need to wait to have the full results later in the week but as I suspected, boiling water and grass, don’t mix well. All the grass is dead but my yard is mostly weeds so it was worth the gamble to get rid of the ants.

Also another thought, You are kicking them out of their home and they will be looking for a new one. I suggest you fortify your house before doing this. I used a bug and ant spray around the base of my house before going after the ants just to make sure they wouldn’t be moving in with me.



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One thought on “Ant Mound

  1. royalbluedori on said:

    Hahaha! We poured boiling hot water on ant hills all the time as a remedy when we were kids. I bet detergent would really help it out though and perhaps slightly more environmentally friendly. 🙂

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