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The Easiest Way to Make A Smoothie

This is it. I promise that I use to mess around attempting to blend ice and its just not worth it. I found a great way to make an AMAZING smoothie and I’m certain my fruit intake will be doubling this summer…

So what you will need is:
A blender
A frozen bag of fruit (your choice here)

I used some Soy yogurt because of some friends who are sensitive to dairy but I have also used just regular vanilla. I think I prefer the regular vanilla because I have such a sweet tooth and it makes a bit sweeter smoothie.

I layer them in the blender starting with some yogurt, then fruit, yogurt then fruit until I use up the bag of fruit.

Blend it until all of the chunks are out… 2-3 min.

Serve! So I obviously make the smoothie really thick, more like a sorbet, in-fact if you tossed it in the freezer for 2 hours thats just what it would be.
You can always thin this out with more yogurt, orange juice, milk, or an adult beverage such as Malibu to keep you with the fruity summer time flavor. Its a perfect summer time treat and its keeping it simple! mmmmm ENJOY!


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One thought on “The Easiest Way to Make A Smoothie

  1. Monica on said:

    That is the only way we ever make a smoothie – with frozen fruit. Course, we pick the berries – that’s half the fun of eating them.

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