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Quick Chair Update

Here are 2 of the chairs I bought a few months back with new seats that match my kitchen starching… Chairs like this are really easy to update in away that looks seamless and like it was meant to be a perfect fit.

What you will need:




Staple gun

*Quilt batting (if you would like to add some extra comfort to the seat)

Start by removing the seat, typically they just screw on to the under belly of the chair

Then cut the fabric to size leaving 2 extra inches around each side *Do the same with the quilt batting if you so choose this step.

*Optional* If you would like you can remove the old fabric. Since I think it could be the original fabric from the early 1900’s Duncan Phyfe collection I’m just stapling over the top of it. This should help me preserve the value that could come from having the posable original fabric.

Fold the fabric over the edges of the seat and staple it every inch or so, at the corners just fold and pull tight. Continue around until the seat is covered.

Screw the seat back into the chair and there you have it, a quick chair update and now it matches the walls in my kitchen. (see wall starching project here)

I think my next project in here will be this table… 🙂


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