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10 Years Ago I Caught a Bug, the TRAVEL Bug!

Oh wow, that just happened. I just realized that 10 short years ago I took my 1st trip out the country.  When I was the young age of 16 we had a terrorist attack that changed the courses I took in High School. (That seems to be an underwhelming statement I’m sure considering what this also did to the course of our Nation)

I had very little motivation to learn a 2nd language.  In middle school I learned quickly that linguistics was not my thing, and let’s be honest, I can hardly handle English. However after 911’s World Trade Center attacks happened people started dropping out of the school trips to France that was to happen the following summer. The requirement was that you would have to take up to French level 4 to be considered for the trip. With all the people dropping out they changed it so that if you had completed level 2  you could go. SO I found myself as a Jr in French One and Two with Freshman and Sophomores. I think the only thing that got me through the class was a GREAT teacher, friends, and photos of the cool places we would see. (I swear I zoned out looking at Mont Saint-Michel poster that was to the left of the white board EVERY DAY!)

So 10 years ago I lost my 1st credit card (it had a sunset on it), used my 1st international calling card, I was nervous about ordering drink and getting a fish (boisson vs poisson) and spent 2 weeks touring France. It was back in the day of FILM so I don’t have many photos to share but here are a few photos of photos.

Now I would like to thank my parents for sending me on such a cool trip and my french teacher for looking out for me and helping me cancel my credit card at 11pm at night while I cried.(I cried more because I was irresponsible then actually loosing it.)

Oh the stories I could tell…

This is the trip that started it all… 🙂


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One thought on “10 Years Ago I Caught a Bug, the TRAVEL Bug!

  1. connieann on said:

    Great story! A trip to France was how I caught the travel bug too. Must be contageous over there. 🙂

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