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June 29 1952

Blushing young bride, and nervous young man 60 years ago tomorrow said I do. THANK GOODNESS too or I would not be present to write this blog.

Okay after that photo I would expect a collective AAHHHH from the people seeing it. ARENT THEY THE CUTEST!? Grandpa was going to start serving out in WA so right after the Wedding they moved out there. (at least that is how I remember the story) After that they moved back to WI, had 3 kids that then gave them 5 grandchildren and and they all lived happily ever after. Okay so I’m sure there is more that filled those 60 years but as a grandchild I don’t know very much outside of the fact they love me their whole life. Its hard to fill in the blanks right now but I’m going take lots of photos this weekend to share and try and fill in the blanks later in the week.

SERIOUSLY could they be any cuter!? And I LOVE that brides maids dress!!


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