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Yet Another Project

SO MANY THINGS TO DO! I have about 3 projects going on right now. This one I thought I would get done in a day, WRONG. So the latest project is the clean up some of the previously landscaped areas. (I’m not even really ripping anything out or planting crazy amounts of things.)

Here is the tree base:

Yep thats a lot of creeping charlie and other weeds in the rocks. So eather I have a lot of weeding to do or I find out why the weeds can grow so well in this area. So I weeded and dug, and found no fabric to block out the weeds. So now I’m removing the rock and laying down some weed blocking fabric and after 4 hours this is all the further I am…


Only about 1/2 way around the tree and I’ve lost steam. The woes of a single girl.

To do:

Finish pulling weeds and rocks

Get dirt to spread around the base of the tree to build it up (roots are showing)

Lay a layer of news paper then the black fabric blocking weeds

Make any X’s in the fabric where plants will be

Get Mulch.

Hoping this will improve my back yard view and landscaping with out breaking the bank.



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