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So for my dedicated followers (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) you know I post Monday-Friday SOMETHING. Well I am alive however my computer has had some issues. I can’t blame my 2006-07 mac book for having the 1st issue it has had since I got it previously owned in 2008 for $600 (that is about 1/2 the sicker value).  So when I took it too Apple Genius call the computer “Vintage”, and we all know that’s just a nice word for “did this come out before I was born?” and aren’t much help. They think I will need a new hard drive and that would be a total loss of data and photos from the last 5 years.

Luck for me I am a smart gal (I know that is clearly a matter of opinion) and finally gave in a bought an external hard drive 3 weeks ago. From where I am sitting now it was a great $100 investment. I can’t believe I dragged my feet for 9 months.

On top of that I have been at a show for work, acting at night,  SO not much time to find a computer and update my blog… BUT DON’T WORRY I have some cute outfits, ideas, crafts, and options to post and I’m just keeping them on my camera and in my head for now.
Check back Monday to see if I’m up and running again.


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